Vince Kaderabek, LEED AP, EE, MBA

 Vince has over 15 years of experience in the commercial/industrial facilities industry. From selling efficient engineered applied equipment and energy management systems to implementing energy measures he has a passion in helping clients increase performance of their buildings.  As a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) Vince consistently works with vendor and associations to keep on top of ever changing technology and innovations.   He has a keen ability in gathering the right professional experts to perform energy projects with industry leading quality while maintaining competitive cost which aids in return on investment to clients. 


 Jim has played an industry leadership role in the high performance building and energy industry since 1978.  During that time, he has developed and implemented energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in twenty states with a total construction value in excess of $500 M.  These projects spanned most markets including K-12, higher education, healthcare, commercial offices and federal agencies such as GSA, BIA and the Department of Defense.

Accurate consultation is vital in uncovering energy measures that make financial sense and helps to budget for such measures.

Jason Downing, CAFS


Jason has worked around air filters since he was 4 years old and have been involved in making filters, installing filters and selling filters for 25 years.

The proper air filter selection can reduce the particle counts inside, which can improve employee production and reduce absenteeism. The properly selected filter can also reduce your energy cost while maintaining high levels of particulate removal and a filter with long life will reduce your waste stream from the facility. 

Bob Stewart


Bob performed Testing Adjusting and Balancing for over 200 major projects as a Technician / Superintendent while working for one of the largest TAB firms in the Phoenix area. During this time, he developed a name for himself in the industry for his accurate testing, job communication skills, comprehensive reporting, and his ability to meet deadlines under extreme time constraints.

Certified HVAC Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) play a crucial role in the energy efficiency of a HVAC system. One of the greatest assets to a building owner’s is a reliable test and balance of air & hydronic systems. Comfort and performance of designed systems will only work properly with an accurate balance to air and water.  Smoke and fire testing is required per code for commercial and industrial building.

Chris Reyes


​Chris has over 20 years of leadership experience in the Fire Alarm industry with Fortune 500 companies. He has managed businesses that total over 60 million in revenue and managed teams of over 300 employees. His success has been demonstrated by winning over large clients with innovative technologies in fire alarm and turn key solutions. 

Low voltage controls (Fire/Life Safety, Access Controls and CCTV) are vital in safe operation of buildings. We fulfill the requirements of city codes and help clients with awareness of these services and code compliance.

Mehrad Sadrisabet


Mehrad has over 37 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer for new and retrofit projects.  He works closely with users, facility's operation and maintenance personnel in order to provide a sound engineering solution to the client needs. His energy conscious attitude provides a tailored mechanical system design for each project allowing the end user to benefit from the savings for the life of the building.

Sound engineering is crucial in designing solutions that provide value to clients. When needed, drawings and plans will be provided for permitting in accordance with the cities where the work will be performed.


 Jim has been a NEBB certified commissioning professional since 1993.  Jim was a key contributor in creating the NEBB procedural standards for both commissioning and retro-commissioning. as well as NEBB Cx & RCx certification seminars. As a former owner of the largest mechanical contractor in Arizona at that time, and a leading temperature controls rep for twenty years, he has provided hundreds of Arizona building owners with problem solutions and energy efficient installations for improved building operations.. 

Scott Wall, LEED-AP, CEM, PMP


Scott is a Project Manager and Commissioning Engineer. He has more than 14 years of project management and engineering experience and has supported a variety of energy efficiency and commissioning projects for public and private sectors.


Retro-commissioning, facility assessments, energy audits, facility performance tracking, thermal scans and building envelope testing all contribute to maximizing performance of facilities large and small.



Steven Chia

 Steve started in the industry in 2004 installing commercial HVAC systems for over seven years.  He excelled in the field and moved into a role in providing services for HVAC equipment efficiency.  Steven continues to study and stay informed of the latest technologies in HVAC in order to provide the best options to meet the clients' needs.

Heating and cooling of building account for about 48% of energy consumed.  It is increased for facilities with high loads.  Having a Preventative Maintenance Agreement for your facilities HVAC equipment is crucial in this Arizona climate. Putting the proper maintenance plan together cuts back on costly service request and repairs.  These programs help  to prolong the life of the equipment.  Projects involving higher efficiency equipment will aid in reducing the percentage of energy consumption for heating and cooling. 

Dave Fortuna

 Dave has over 30 years of experience with energy management systems.  He has been involved in DDC from inception to the modern day web based systems.  He is able to program in various platforms and has intimate knowledge of how to assemble controls architecture in programming for a successful outcome.

A control system is only as good as the engineering, programming and scheduling that is implemented.  We at AISS have the ability to provide the systems as well as the strategies to maximize the performance of the client's facilities. 

Allen Veach


Allen is a serial entrepreneur and former executive (V.P. and National Sales Director) at two Fortune 500 financial institutions.  He is a third party partner with AISS as a third party is required to validate the energy measures implemented in order to qualify for Federal tax incentives. He has a unique engineered approach along with financial studies to take full advantage of tax incentives to the client.

M&E is a national leader in commercial and industrial tax benefits.  They have generated thousands of studies across the country, across industries and across virtually every business model.  M&E has never been reversed by the IRS regarding any study for any client.  M&E will work directly with business owners, their financial teams and many accounting groups to maximize tax benefits that are achievable.